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The Academy Model

The Partnership Academy Model is a three-year program, grades 10-12, structured as a school-within-a-school. There are currently over 500 funded programs throughout California. The model, originating with the Philadelphia Academies in the late 1960s, spread to California in the early 1980s. Academies incorporate many features of the high school reform movement that includes creating a close family-like atmosphere, integrating academic and career technical education, and establishing viable business partnerships. Emphasis is also placed on student achievement and positive post secondary outcomes. Academies have been carefully evaluated and shown to have positive impacts on school performance. Key components of the Academy model are:

  • Curriculum focused on a career theme and coordinated with related academic classes;

  • A voluntary student selection process that identifies interested ninth graders;

  • A team of teachers who work together to plan and implement the program;

  • A variety of motivational activities with private sector involvement to encourage academic and occupational preparation such as a mentor and internship program, enhanced curriculum, classroom speakers, field trips, and post secondary options.


Johansen's Agriculture Academy promotes the integration of academics and a career focus in three career pathways - Agriculture Mechanics, Animal Science, and Plant Science. Students in the Agriculture Academy can participate in FFA activities that promote premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.

Freshmen may enroll in Integrated Ag Science 1-2, then at the end of their freshman year, choose a career pathway: Ag Mechanics, Animal Science or Floral Design/Plant Science for their elective. The two-year sequence of Integrated Ag Science 1-2 and 3-4 meets the physical science and biological science graduation requirements.

Johansen's Agriculture Academy was awarded with the outstanding academy of the year within the state for 2016!