Buyer Letters

Going through Auction at the Fair
When you enter the auction at the fair your animal will sale determined by the buyers at the fair and what they willing to pay. This price fluctuates and is usually pretty low. Going through the auction you could make money or you could loose money. The auction is a gamble. it is a great fall back if you do not find a private buyer.   
Getting a Private Buyer 
Getting a private buyer is the preferred way to sell your animal because it is a safer way to sell your animal. Doing this allows you to sell your animal at the fair but you have a guaranteed buyer. . People like to buy animals from students because of the great product,to support you, and to get a tax write off for the animal on their own taxes. Sending out buyer letters is a great way to find people or companies that might want to buy your animal. You will also have a higher chance to make more of a profit with your animals. Below are some links that will help you write your letters.

Sample Thank you Letters

Thank You cards must be hand written in an addressed envelope and are due on show day at the fair. If you already have a private buyer it should have the senders address(you) and your buyers address with a stamp on it. 
If you are going through auction you should have the senders (you) info but the recipients address should be left blank. 
Only private buyers need stamps as auctioned animals will have buyers at the fair and will be hand delivered.