The Executive Team

What is the Executive Team?

The executive team consists of 4 individuals that are required to help lead the chapter. they are an accessory to the officer team that help plan, implement, and involve all of our members. They work together to on all aspects of the chapter and gain practical leadership traits as well as hands on experience. This gives future officers an insight to what it takes to be an Chapter FFA officer.


Nathan Pires


Claudia Mora


Alexis Sullivan


Cecilia Tochimani


Cody Govia


Bayleigh Escamilla

How do you join the executive team?

In order to be a part of the executive team you have to go through an extensive application and interview process. If you are interested in becoming involved with the executive team you must be highly involved in the FFA chapter as well as be a part of the Agriculture Academy. Being involved is the primary criteria in being on the Executive Team. Executive team members are required to attend a leadership training during the summer.